Cody Huff & Falcon Spoon

Cody Huff working the Talon Spoon

Cody Huff 6 LB on Talon

Pink 3/4 Flutter Catches Salmon

Henry Wade (Ormsby) 5 lb - Coleslaw Slab Spoon

Our Flutter Spoons match the hatch.

Eyes can be bigger than their stomach.

My first slab spoon fish - 2007

6 lb Talon Spoon on KY Lake

All Spoon Fishing - Dixie Jet

Big Bass FLW Coasta 6.14 lbs Slab Spoon

2nd Place FLW Coast - all on Slab Spoons - Table Rock Lake 2011

Big Bass BFL Ozarks - 6+ Slab Spoon

Fishin48 Striper Bass in AZ on Talons

Striper in the net with a Talon Spoon

Doubles at dawm

Ormsby Wade on Black Crappie with Slab Spoons...again.

Dixie Jet Spoons at ICAST in Orlando (5th year)

Dixie strikes again in Canada

Cody Huff - 2nd BASSMASTERS Pickwick Lake - Talon helped him.

Brad Weigmann Slab Spoon Photo

My first double on a Dixie Jet White Slab Spoon Norfolk Lake

Herny Wade strikes again

Flutter Spoon catch

3/4 oz Shattered Glass Flutter Spoon with a nice bass

Using a Feather Treble Hook on a 3/4 oz Flutter Spoon - Deadly!

Original three models of Dixie Jet Spoons; Bat, Flutter and Sonic.

KY Bass can't resist a Dixie Jet Spoon snack

If 1 KY bass likes a Dixie Jet Spoon, why not two?

Brad Weigmann captures a few Dixie Jet Flutter Spoons in their glory

Outdoor Sport Writer John Neporadny caught me catching a nice bass on a Slab Spoon

Cappie fishing with a Blood Trail color Slab Spoon, this cat just couldn't say no

My good friend and fishing partner David Mangelsdork caught two big bass on the White Slab Spoon

Dave and I did well and finished second using the Dixie Jet Slab Spoons

Tom learned to fish a Dixie Jet Slab Spoon quickly on Lake Ozarks during the BFL as my co-angler...made me smile

Smallies eat a Dixie Jet Slab Spoon

Speckled trout love Dixie Jet Flutter Spoons

My lovely bride proudly standing by my first order of Dixie Jet Spoons at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO...happy day!

Original Dixie Jet Spoon box

Deadliest Catch Captain Wild Bill...a softy at heart

Kelly Jordon with Dixie Jet Lures

The Legend pays us a visit at ICAST...Kevin uses our spoons

Our Spoon work for Yellowfin Tuna

They work on Dorado off Cabo

More Dorado off shore in Cabo

Smallmouth love the Coleslaw Slab Spoon

This is us and what we do best... we love spoon'n