NEW Pro Series Gizzard Spoon

New Pro Series Gizzard Spoon is made exclusively of Marine Grade Brass and weighs 1.35 oz. Spoon sized from top of spoon to base is 3” and is 1 ¼” wide at the base. From the top of the barrel swivel to the base of the hook the spoon is 5 ¼” tall. This flutter spoon is designed for either casting or vertical jigging. Pro Series Gizzard Spoons come in 11 fish catching colors, which are custom painted in the most unique fish attracting patterns. No other spoons have the quality to detail and specific molding to create realistic injured shad fall rates. For every foot this spoon is stroke or pulled towards the boat, it flutters backwards and downwards one foot. With its weight, this spoon cast in the windiest conditions with ease. Whether you’re fishing open water, casting flats, pumping deep ledges, or vertically jigging docks/breaker walls the Pro Series Gizzard Spoon has proven it drives the fish into an eating frenzy. This spoon is fitted with a VMC 1/0 lazer sharp, wide bend treble hook that sticks those fish hard and keeps them pinned. Our spoon is truly built, assembled and shipped in the USA, proudly keeping jobs in America. Guides across America use and highly recommend our spoons to their clients. Dixie Jet Spoons have a reputation that goes back to the early 1960’s. Dixie Jet Spoon the Legend lives on!

Yellow excamation point.

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