Gizzard Spoon

Dixie Jet Gizzard Spoons have the same fall and flutter action as the original Flutter Spoon, Big Daddy and Talon Spoons. The Gizzard spoon has been magnified to come in between the Original Flutter Spoon and the Big Daddy and Talon Spoons. The Gizzard spoon comes in at a respectable 4 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide, with a weight of 1.50 oz. The Gizzard Spoon is made of Marine grade brass and is armed with one VMC 2/0 wide gap treble hook that ensures solid hook-ups. The fall and movement of this spoon is spectacular. It backs up 1 foot for every foot of depth you stroke it upward and flutters gracefully through the entire water column. This spoon was designed to replicate the dying or wounded Gizzard Shad. Best presentations are to fish the Gizzard Spoon with schooling fish, inside docks or cast to/and over submerged trees. The Gizzard Shad Spoon will coax fish out of cover and invoke a hard strike. The Gizzard Spoon is available in several fish catching colors and catches fish from all species, fresh water or saltwater. All Dixie Jet Spoons are made in the USA, with American pride and proudly keeping jobs in America.

Yellow excamation point.

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