Feather Hook

When fishing, don't feed them a snack, feed them a full meal! Introducing the Dixie Jet Feathered Treble Hooks made with Ultra Sharp, 2/0 and #2 VMC Treble Hooks. These feathers are bright white with the 2/0 VMC Feathered Hooks measure 6 inches long, and #2 VMC Feathered Hooks measure almost 4inches long from the top of the hook eye to tip of the end feather. These feathered hooks make a great accessory to our Dixie Jet Big Spoon Series (like the Talon Spoon, Big Daddy Spoon and Gizzard Spoon), Flutter Spoons and Slab Spoons. When these feathered treble hooks are added to our spoons it boosts their size and adds additional movement making our spoons the bait of choice. Don't stop with just our spoons, use these feathered hooks to accessorize your topwater baits (Spooks, Whopper Ploppers and Red Fins), large crankbaits and other lures of choice. Each package comes with two feathered treble hooks neatly packaged keeping the feathers soft, long and protected until you desire how and where you will use them.

Yellow excamation point.

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